APRIL 4-6, 2014


Guide a living group of rambunctious Herdlings to safety while they look for water, food, and love.

Winner of the first ever Epic Oregon Game Jam!

The judges were greatly impressed by the art, core mechanic, and intelligence of the autonomous Herdlings, not to mention its potential as a full game.

Led by Britt Brady and Dante Douglas, the team is pushing forward with development, aiming for a release in the fall of 2014.

Britt Brady: Art
Christian Strickland: Programming
Dante Douglas: Design
Joshua Evans: Programming
Level Design: Dante Douglas
Matthew Stephens: Sound


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Leash combines Pokemon, Foursquare, and exercise apps to create a cute, engaging "co-activity" game.

Runner-up of the game jam, the judges were impressed by the breakout potential of the title and the pretty art.

Led by Ashley Flanagan, the team is considering a bigger release.

Anna Dor Lind: Art
Ashley Flanagn: Design
Ed Friese: Programming
Leif Holt: Art
Ted Brown: Programming
+The Epic Audio Team


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Ivory Tower asks you to get a troop of oblivious dudes to a doorway in the sky, by choosing and placing the right pieces.

Third-place winner of the game jam, the judges were impressed by the art style and mobile-friendly design.

The game's fate is unknown.

Alex Swanson: Art & Design
Jay Arrera: Animation & Design
Rob Sampson: Programming
+The Epic Audio Team


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Tornado Warning in Miniature Municipality asks and answers the same question: What's the best part about games like SimCity? Of course, we all know the answer: laying waste to urban areas with natural disasters!

Though it did not place in the competition, the judges were impressed by the elegance of the design, its ease-of-play, and the fact that (with art) it could plausibly be posted to the app store as is.

Ken Scott, the project leader and sole developer, is strongly considering doing a full version.

Ken Scott: Art, Programming, & Design
+The Epic Audio Team


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Step into your diesel-powered armored walker and go for the finish line in this puzzle racing game!

Though it did not place in the competition, the judges were impressed by the ambitious nature of the concept. It was also a crowd favorite.

Zach Cieslinski, the project leader, is working on making a more stable build.

Rob Geerling: Programming
Duncan Luiten: Programming
Daniel Krell: Art & Design
Conner Lindsley: Art & Animation
Sampo Savolainen: Design
Zach Cieslinski: Design & UI
+The Epic Audio Team